Vendor code: СЛВН-3+1-160КБ/250

3+1 Set Disposable ECO-cutlery 160 mm

SET includes:

1 piece ECO-spoon 160mm
1 piece ECO-plug 160mm
1 piece ECO-knife 160mm

1 piece napkin

Total 3+1 pcs

Material: birch wood
Size: 160mm
Weight: 12g

Set of disposable wooden cutlery 160 mm, made of natural and durable birch veneer, without the use of glue. Does not emit harmful substances when heated, safe for the environment, smooth surface, does not leave a foreign smell on the products.

You can buy sets in large and small wholesale in a transport box of 250 pieces.

Wood is biodegradable - buying disposable wooden cutlery means keeping ecology and nature clean.


  • HoReCa
  • Gas stations, avia & railway transport 
  • Pancake | dumpling | noodle | kebab shop, bakery, coffee shop 
  • Sushi bar, fast food corner, food court, pizzeria, burger stall
  • Restaurants, bars, cafeteria, clubs, catering companies
  • Hospitals, educational institutions, army
  • Hotels, food delivery services
  • Supermarkets
  • Business centers

Original design manufacturing

Each piece of cutlery can be branded by burning a logo into its surface.

Each set can be branded to meet the client's wishes:

  • placing a sticker with a logo on the package
  • placing the product in the client's ready-made packaging
  • other custom-designed options.
Placing your logo
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