Experts from the UK company BusinessWaste have identified the five cities that are handling waste processing most successfully.
These are Vancouver, Singapore, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Curitiba. 

  1. Vancouver. Deservedly in first place on the list is the biggest population centre in Canada’s British Columbia Province. Over the last ten years, recycling has risen from 40 to 60% and the government plans to reach 80%.
  2. Singapore. This city-state has chosen to produce a minimum amount of waste: 307 Kg per capita, though the customary figure for Asian countries is up to 380 Kg. Singapore has set the goal of recycling 70% of its waste by 2030. Acts have been passed encouraging businesses to take an active part in rubbish disposal. 
  3. Helsinki. Finland’s capital recycles 58% of all its waste. Over recent years, the government has improved the city’s environmental indicators by introducing a system for reusing building materials and plastics. 

4. Copenhagen. The government of the Danish capital has set the goal of zero landfill by 2050. 

5. Curitiba. Here there is a “green exchange” where the local people can exchange waste for foodstuffs.

Next on the list following the Top-5 are Delhi, Los Angeles, Leeds, Vienna, Stockholm, Seattle, Songdo, Kamikatsu, Eskilstuna and San Francisco. 


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