Vendor code: 3.1

Disposable ECO-spoon 165 mm

Material: birch wood
Size: 165mm
Weight: 3.1g

165 mm-long disposable wooden ECO-spoons are made of natural and durable birch wood without any glue. This natural material ensures the items have smooth surface and are environment-friendly; they do not emit any harmful substances when heated and won't affect either smell or taste of your food. 

Wood is biodegradable – buying disposable wooden forks means helping the environment and nature stay clean.


  • HoReCa
  • Gas stations, avia & railway transport 
  • Pancake | dumpling | noodle | kebab shop, bakery, coffee shop 
  • Sushi bar, fast food corner, food court, pizzeria, burger stall
  • Restaurants, bars, cafeteria, clubs, catering companies
  • Hospitals, educational institutions, army
  • Hotels, food delivery services
  • Supermarkets
  • Business centers

Original design manufacturing

Each piece of cutlery can be branded by burning a logo into its surface.

Each set can be branded to meet the client's wishes:

  • placing a sticker with a logo on the package
  • placing the product in the client's ready-made packaging
  • other custom-designed options.
Placing your logo
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